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And Sexier With Platform Heels

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Look Taller

Look Taller And Sexier With Platform Heels

Shoes are a very important part of a woman’s wardrobe. There are various kinds of shoes to choose from. Some of them are flat ones, some sandals, some prone boots. But among all, the one shoe that has become the most popular, more than making a statement about the person’s personal style and fashion-forwardness, is the platform heel.

Looking taller and more sexy with platform heels is actually a very simple process. All you need are the five tips below to help you get a insights into how it may benefit you.

Looking taller Look Taller

One of the top reasons why women wear platform heels is for the drapery effect. The platform not only adds to your height but also makes you a little bit taller, by resetting the horizontal lines on the ground that are normally emphasized on a person’s body.

If you are tall already and are looking to add another few inches to your height, you can start off with platform heels that are at least two inches off the ground. As the name implies, this is really quite a high heel, and one that will seriously stretch your feet. An exception to this would be a low heel. If the heel is higher than two inches, the vertical lines on the feet will be emphasized and you will also develop a thicker calf muscle.

So, if you are going to wear a two-inch platform heel, try to go for something where the heel-to-toe curve is slightly upward.

Faster feet

Platform heels are also a reason to have faster feet. Much like the cause, the platform does draw the eyes towards the feet. The difference is that the curve is not too much. A chunky platform with a reasonably thick sole still will lead people’s eyes to feet.

To give your feet more support, you may choose to wear a slightly wider heel. This helps when you will be walking really fast.

A thicker sole

If you want the illusion of extra height, then by all means, go for a thicker sole. Look Taller One of the best options that can satisfy both of those criteria is to wear a platform, which has been made out of a variety of materials.

Many shoes that are labeled as platform shoes are really just rubber soles. However, some of them are made with genuine leather or synthetic materials.

However, the bottom line is that none of these materials are very flexible and Look Taller thereby, they will not offer you the suppleness and slimness that a real platform can have.

disguising thick legs

Apart from the two-inch chopper that will highlight your feet and make them appear big and chunky, there are other options that can help you conceal the thickness of your legs.

The best solution is to wear a pair of pants that is just the right length. Wearing Look Taller a pair of shorts will also make your legs appear a little less thick.

Another option is to wear a skirt that is just the right length. As for the length, again, the shinier the better. This will make you appear thinner and sexier.

Tuscan miniskirts that are designed as platform sandals often have miniskirts Look Taller that are long enough to compliment each thigh and have a flowery pattern on the sides. This makes your legs look elongated, making you look taller as well.  สล๊อตเว็บตรงแตกง่าย

Coming to the things that you should and shouldn’t do when wearing a platform heel:

First, keep in mind that a platform is a very unstable piece of footwear. This means that the instant you purchase it, it is likely to turn and pitch you. Thus, you should practice gentle pushing and pulling of the heel from time to time to master the art of walking around Look Taller while wearing this shoe.

Another thing you should avoid doing is falling on your face. Lean instead towards falling on your heels. Notice that falling can easily put a strain on your heel and ankle joints. If possible, lean forwards to lessen the force on the heels. Cover up your feet by paring your skirts, shorts, or miniskirts with a pair of knee or thigh-length any suffice.

Third, you should not wear this kind of heel with a Reasonably-priced belt. Look Taller You are trying to create an illusion; therefore, the belt should be of a relatively thick and simple kind.

Fourth, you should not walk in a manner that creates beats and shortens your strides. If you are able to keep your balance and walk straight, then great. If not, keep walking backwards for as long as needed.