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How to Groom Your Golden Retriever

How to Groom Your Golden Retriever

Many dog lovers have a great idea of what they would like to see the day turn into grooming their beloved golden retriever. Grooming can be a challenging yet rewarding activity. This is especially true with an energetic and large breed of dog such as the golden retriever. Grooming is a way to keep your dog healthy as well as clean. Following are several methods which you can use to groom your golden retriever:


Brushing the coat of your golden retriever is one of the most important methods in grooming. Brushing the coat not only helps in removing dirt and debris from the coat, but is also beneficial in preventing matting and tangling of the coat.

When to Brush

You can brush your dog’s coat when it is still a puppy as it is generally easier than it is for bigger sized dogs. You can start brushing your puppy’s coat when it is about 8 weeks old for about one hour every day. When your puppy is about 12 weeks old, you can increase the length of your brushing sessions to about 2-4 hours. To help ensure that your puppy is getting the correct amount of brushing, you should ask your veterinarian to give them a goodสล็อตเว็บตรง physical examination.

Choosing the Right Brush

When choosing the right brush, it is important that you get a brush that is made for your dog’s coat. Getting the wrong brush could cause unexpected hair breakage. In addition, getting the wrong brush could also cause your dog to be uncomfortable and it could result in skin irritation. To help make sure that you get the best brush for your golden retriever, ask your veterinarian to recommend a good brush.


Besides brushing, shampooing your golden retriever is also a good method of grooming. One of the main purposes of shampooing your golden retriever is to clean and cleanse the expanse of the coat. After giving a bath to your golden retriever, you can use a mainstay to clean and de-tangle knots.

The Doggie Glue

Another method to groom your golden retriever is by using the doggie glue. This is used to hold the hair in place and to keep it from matting. You can use doggie glue after you have shampooed the coat to make sure that the coat will be pushed tangle free. Glue will also help you keep your golden’s nails very healthy. This is a very important step to keep your dog happy and healthy. When you take your golden retriever outside for a walk, you need to check its nails and paws for any small stones, rocks, or bugs that might be embedded in the nails. If this is the case, you need to cut those stones or bugs and put it into the glue. Cut the nails at least every 2 weeks to help keep the nails space-free and to prevent the nails from becoming too long.

Fully Brushing Your Dog

A full brushing of the coat is also a good method to keep your golden retriever clean and healthy. You can brush the coat every other day during shedding season and about once a week when your dog has a bath.


The final method of grooming for your golden retriever is by using massage. This is a wonderful method to relax your golden and to relive stress for your dog. You can do several sets of massage to make your dog happy and stress-free.