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Fashion 101 – The Apparel Guide


Fashion 101 – The Apparel Guide

As a rule, in today’s fashion world everything old is new again, but some things just never change! Take tummy tuck jeans for example. They’re still the it thing’s in and the thing’s out! Tummy tuck jeans hit the show just after last year, and their popularity shows no sign of waning!

These 8 trendy and fun jeans will have you searching high & low…

Sweaty Jeans Fashion

Not just any jeans, these jeans create conversation points wherever you go. Known as “TheAttitude Jeans”, they have a special “feel” that mimics the body you have right now, so they can make even those winter stares at you with a smile. These jeans are guested by Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton,Which one of these celebrities is your favorite?

“hair” Jeans

150 Sexy Colors in new “asta lined” style. New “Hepburn-esque” style. Tummy tuck options. These “hair” jeans make you want to take a bite off of your jeans.

Sales Jeans

Prepare to spend a pretty penny on these. They look simply amazing on all body types.

Fit & Flared Jeans

These jeans are made to show off your new “lifts” and hide your problem areas.. With “FitThis! Jeans, every inch is carved to your ideal shape. These are especially great for only the most fit or petite frames.

You’ll love these super fashionable jeans made by the celebs! Shop Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Calvin Klein & Who else’s selection is more than enough for practically anyone?

wear them low & swing em in the open & the street watch to confirm every single glance…There are several brand name jeans myths that are very popular, know all your friends & then put these into context with their correct function, price, brand and fit.

Believe it or not, a huge Atlas Gap in New York City is offering no-nonsense & chic jeans for $14.00. You sure would find colder weather scale here!

Bold & Beautiful

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dark guy


PKK สล็อตเว็บตรง

Hydé,Levi’s, True Religion, Lands’ End prices can be a little high, but if it’s middle class or little to no retail weight, price shouldn’t be a big limitation.

Urban denims are super stretchy & thin woven fabric. Much like its alternative denim. Jeans with a more relaxed cut tends to hang a little less. Washes wear out & need to be replaced for a longer period of time & are generally of lower quality.

Low Waist Jeans

These jeans accentuate your rear & make the most of tiny waists. Dark & light denim are both good & cheap. These styles are also popular with bigger curved rear & retro looks.

This jean style runs about 16 inches at the inseam & provides more than enough freedom of movement for the fit. These are designed for comfort & like jeans, are reasonably priced.

Low Rise Jeans

Oversized hip-hop waistbands & an emphasis on larger shoulders & thighs. These fit best with an imprint of hip-hop culture & need to be hit quick.

This darker denim style has a significant history & comes with numerous bleaching patterns & light colors.

Asiatic Jean

A 1950s vintage misconception. These are wider in the hips & back than they are on the front. Is slightly like a regular fit but has a very narrow front & has increasing front detail. These jeans are for those who feel that the traditional fit is limiting. These are particularly seen on rappers.


This style of jeans has gained in popularity since the Woodstock days Fashion making its way into the conscious work-wear of fashion-savvybers.

Forigin from the Zoot suit-style attire of African-Americans, these jeans are Fashion Crew-neck & not too close-fitting. They’re popular with younger urban creative workers.

Bonded Jeans

Bonds appear slim, contoured and smooth at the top and fall gently by Fashion the waist. These jeans somewhat overwhelm women.

Low Rise Jeans

These jeans are very popular and attractive at the same time. They fit Fashion closer around the thighs & have a very skinny fit through both the hips and crotch. These are best for covering the thighs in a slimmed down silhouette.

Tan & Lopez

These jeans are made of new denim fabric technology. Fake, but very true.

These jeans supplant the normal six pocket jean look. These 7 pocket styles also give a narrow top leg look.